Ecotone gone bad

video, 3 min, november 2021.

The sperm meets the ovary. The fetus develops in amniotic fluid. The baby swallows the mother’s milk. The mother drinks from a cup. The cup is replenished by the rain. The rain absorbs the ocean. The ocean sustains the fish. who gets eaten by the child. And it continues in these “infinite” cycles of fluids, from nature to living creature, leaking into, and sponging off one another.
A fetus land of growth is not only the mother’s womb and breasts. It takes roots in an entire ecosystem.
This video is about reminiscing a feeling of a forgotten memory through a contemporary lens of consciousness.
Being at home in the tension of the in between. The eco (home) tone (tension).

Starring the Womb Box.
Filmed in Tungsten Studio.
Watch the video here